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Re: Fifo Problem

From: Francis Montagnac
Subject: Re: Fifo Problem
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 15:40:46 +0200

>> create_pipes() {
>>      echo "create 4> pipe out"
>>        ftp_pipe_out=/tmp/ftp_pipe_out.$$ #create the output fifos
>>        mkfifo $ftp_pipe_out
>>        exec 4>$ftp_pipe_out  <-----------
>>      echo "leaving create 4> pipe out"
>> }
>> It never leaves create_pipes. It get stuck on the exec.

> Opening a fifo for writing blocks until there's something trying to read
> from it.  See if open(2), mknod(2), or fifo(4) shed more light.

Yes. You have to be careful on the order followed when opening fifos.

The following will work:

  mkfifo in
  mkfifo out
  ftp < in > out &
  # Now the previous sub-process is blocked trying to open in

  exec 4> in    # The subprocess succeeds now to open in
  exec 5< out   # Same for out, ftp is started by the sub-process
  # Now you can freely read from 5 and write to 4

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