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just too late telling me job terminated

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: just too late telling me job terminated
Date: 10 Jul 2002 16:29:48 +0800
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$ echo read x > y
$ sh y
[1]+  Stopped                 sh y
$ kill %
<<PS: why the blank line before these jobs messages?>>
[1]+  Stopped                 sh y
$ mail chet
Subject: 2.05a is a bunch of junque, try again
Dear Chet,
Well I was using your "2.05a" product and it says Stopped instead of
Terminated.  Also what happened with the PS4 thingy?  I believe I am a
point up on you there.  Maybe "trap" using the signal "debug" was advisable.  
[1]+  Terminated              sh y

Oh great, I already sent him the message and only now it tells me.
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