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8 Must Read

From: JVB
Subject: 8 Must Read
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 16:48:35 +0200

      A Fish Out Of Water (racism and other myths)

“True wisdom is not manifested in trying to see resemblances in things that
differ.But in discerning the real difference among those things that resemble
one another”

When did the responsibility for the evolution of African people (and other
recently discovered primitive races) become the responsibility of the first
world, and the ‘Whites’ in particular?

They blame the whites for underdevelopment, but how much development did they
manage before the colonists arrived?  The development of the western
infrastructure has taken place over thousands of years. They now expect this
same infrastructure to be created and financed for them by the west-

Anyone who knows of the disparity that existed when the first settlers landed
in Africa, or other primitive areas, will realise that this disadvantage is not
the result of colonization, or anything else, other than evolution. Their lack
of progress or inventiveness since the dawn of mankind is proof enough of that.
Everything they have has been handed to them on a plate by the white colonists,
even the aircraft which they now fly around in to demand even more.
We owe them nothing !!

This stunted (by European standards) evolutionary path is now blamed on 
and a concerted attempt is being made to instill a guilt complex on the 
under the pretext that they would be on a par if it were not for colonization
and slavery.

When in truth, while left undisturbed by white colonists for millions of years,
their rate of progress or change was insignificant. The wheel was unknown to
them, they had no written language and processes which they stumbled across,
such as ore extraction, were never refined or improved etc. etc…). In contrast,
the Western World progressed in leaps and bounds. Their shelter construction
techniques are even borrowed from the nest building methods of the local birds.
They just do not have enquiring or inventive characteristics. Nor do they have
an industrious or charitable bone in their bodies.

The cradle of mankind is southern Africa, and it is no coincidence that the
further away from it you move, the more progress took place. It is because the
genetically and intellectually more advanced and hence more inventive,
inquisitive, and industrious members of our ancestors explored and migrated,
while the dormant ones remained where they were.

If it were not for ‘White’ colonists they would still be ignorant of the
technological and scientific achievements of the first world, which they now
envy but fail to understand and are generally unable to achieve.
Primitive instincts of reproduction, lack of sexual control, tolerance of
violence, brutality, and self-interest, are natural for their position on the
evolutionary curve.

In the environment that would prevail in Africa, if it were not for Western
influence/interference, they would be attributes essential to survival. Their
evolutionary path has made them more adapted to survival and physical 

The natural attrition from famine, plague etc. which nature uses to maintain a
balance, has been disrupted by Western technology. (Without time for the natural
evolutionary adjustment of the reproductive rate to take place.)

It is by means of western medicine, agriculture, peacekeeping efforts, aid, etc.
coupled with their inability to overcome primitive reproductive instincts, that
they have multiplied to the point that the continent can no longer support
their numbers.

This is not to say that one evolutionary path is better than the other.
However the path taken by the ‘White’, and Eastern, races has resulted in them
developing an environment and culture tailored to their own development, and
the African races, for theirs.

Thousands of years of evolutionary progress and technological advancement was
thrust on them in the blink of an eye, on the timeline of evolution.

This has resulted in the ‘Fish Out Of Water’ syndrome, which we see today with
respect to Africa, African people and other tribes of recently primitive origin,
when trying to impersonate the western way of life.

The more advanced along the evolutionary curve a race or tribe was when the
western world arrived on their doorstep, the better they are able to assimilate
into our environment and culture.

It is also the reason that, as soon as the environment shifts/deteriorates back
to what is more suitable to the skills, characteristics and morals of the
indigenous people, the Whites/settlers become the ‘Fish Out Of Water’, are
unable to survive, and generally migrate to environments more compatible with
their cultural evolution and concept of morals and rights. This then results in
a faster regression, (or is it just the return to normality and suitability for
the indigenous people?). The difference between their concept of morals and
ours is vast.

We have western governments trying to force democracy on them, regardless of
the fact that they do not understand the principle, as can be seen by the civil
wars which erupt after every (usually rigged) election. Why would they embrace
democracy? When historically their lives and cultures have been controlled by
autocratic kings and chiefs- and still are, regardless of the veil of democracy
put in place to appease the West. This superficial democracy is only tolerated
because it is seen as a requirement to access the aid, wealth and trappings of
the western cultures. When combined with the rampant bribery, corruption and
incompetence of the elected officials (elected through intimidation and vote
rigging, easily accomplished with this underlying structure) it is farcical.

The quality of a democracy is proportional to the collective intelligence of
the electorate.

Democracy in Africa is the election of the incompetent and corrupt by the
ignorant and illiterate.

We Prop up, enforce and subsidise systems, which are foreign to them-just
because it offends our principles and morals.

Recent tradition was/is such that if you wanted/needed something, which another
chief/tribe had, you simply gathered your army and conducted a raid.
The cattle, women, food, etc. were then yours. (These being the prized
possessions of the evolutionary period - and generally still are)

Selfishness, violence, theft (our definitions) etc. are not faults in their
indigenous environment, but essential components of the survival skills that
they have evolved in order to cope in this harsh and unforgiving environment,
which existed when they were discovered by the western world.

Why do we have more concern for their suffering than their own do? The images
of starving or homeless children etc. are paraded as a means to access our
generosity. While they themselves care little. There is always an abundance of
money for arms etc. to ensure that they stay in power.

Most of these children have been abandoned or orphaned as a result of their
primitive characteristics (self-interest, violence, etc.). Any aid received is
usually stolen, sold on the black market or misappropriated.

They wail constantly about human rights, equality etc. when they themselves
rule through brutality and intimidation and are so racist that it extends down
to tribal intolerance.

They do not share the generosity or charity of the ‘ Whites’ especially in times
of shortages (a permanent feature of Africa now, due to overpopulation).
They have however become masters at the art of manipulating this failing of
the ‘Whites’. Making full use of our religious principles and the
much-misunderstood notion of equality.

Any notion of equality (of man or anything else in nature) other than in a
religious context- is absurd. Not even identical twins are equal. If equality
were a reality, then the process of natural selection would be nullified.
And all evolution would end.

Even more absurd is the misconception that this equality can be achieved through
education. If education could override evolution, then anyone could be taught
to be a DaVinci, Einstein, Johnson or Jordan etc. or one could teach a Zebra to
be a Racehorse.

Education Is No Substitute For Evolution!!!!!!

The concept of (religious) equality has been subverted and distorted and used
mainly by the communists to de-stabilize the colonies and mixed societies
(so called freedom struggles etc.) so they themselves could gain a strategic

This misconstrued version of equality was embraced by the ignorant, the gullible
and the greedy.

Another misconstrued and abused concept is ‘Racism’. It is natural for groups,
with similar cultures and interests, to have an affinity for each other and to
congregate and associate along these lines.  This occurs as much amongst a
group of mixed nationality or mixed interest white group as it does amongst a
mixed ethnic or white/ethnic group.
However, when there happens when other races present it is no longer natural,
but racist!

Why are there no quotas, affirmative action etc. for other nationalities,
races etc? Why only for blacks?
A joke may be made about the Irish, Australian, French, etc. In fact anyone
other than a black race or nationality- this is suddenly Racist! This is just
another component of the concerted effort to instill a guilt complex on the
Western/White races, to disguise the inability of the recently primitive races
to cope in the western environment and to force us to alter our environment so
that they can cope, or to give them the benefits regardless of whether they
cope or contribute or not.

Why is it acceptable to have Black unions, business associations etc, or for
blacks to dominate certain sports such as basketball? (Rightly so, since they
have the best attributes and skills for these activities- just as it is right
for other groups with different attributes and skills to dominate the fields
which suit them)

They are suspiciously quiet about the teams not being representative of the
USA etc. No quotas asked for here!
Louis Farrakan is entitled to his opinion (ask any black) but a white person
is not entitled to these same opinions. This would be racist.
As soon as any similar situation is reversed then it is Racist!!

What happened to OUR rights to freedom of association?

Just as the disabled person requires a permit/sticker to get preferential
parking, access etc. - So should anyone else, requiring preferential treatment
in the modern western world, admit that they cannot cope with the normal
western environment- And wear the badge of their disability!! If they were
equal then this would not be necessary.

At first, slavery/racism was to blame, for an inability to cope and/or achieve
in the technologically advanced environment of the western world. When racism
was abolished and they were granted ‘equal access’ or ‘equal opportunity’-
(the only right anyone should have)- and still could not cope, the cry changed

to ‘affirmative action’.
Now, those that have equal access, affirmative action and education, and still
fail to achieve, demand that they be given the qualifications/positions/benefits
etc. regardless (Quota’s etc.), or that the standards be revised/reduced-
resorting to violence and arson etc. (instinct) to realize their absurd demands,
or simply obtain credentials through fraudulent means. The proliferation of
fraudulent degrees, driver’s licenses and now even pilots licenses is
ample proof.

The Soccer World Cup bid by South Africa is another example of the strategy of
using guilt to achieve their goals. With claims of ‘it is our turn’,
‘racism’, etc. and a total disregard for the technical quality of the other 
they try to force acceptance of theirs.
England lost out through a few hooligans- but the World is expected to ignore
the violent, murderous anarchy and crime in Southern Africa.

Even a halfwit can see where the projections of current trends of crime,
violence, rape, aids, instability, etc. lead to in 2010.

Only a fool would commit to an event of this scale, in the distant future of
such an unstable, deteriorating and mismanaged environment.

Just as after any other lost election, there in no acceptance of the process or
outcome, nor any dignity in defeat. We should be grateful however, that they
have not initiated an armed (freedom?) struggle against the world soccer body,
Germany or NZ for that matter.

The attacks on busses by the taxi associations (and on each other) are another
example of African free enterprise. Who needs advertising or competition when
you have got an AK47?

The quality of government is a reflection of the collective intelligence of the
electorate - Just a cursory look around Africa will explain what you are
dealing with. After demanding freedom etc. They screw up their own country then
flood illegally into other countries to screw them up as well. (usually Western
countries run by the whites which they despise)

I may have equal access and rights to the Arctic, but I will never be an Eskimo!
If I should try, and not be able to cope with the demands of the arctic
environment - do I have the right to demand that the environment be changed to
compensate for my inabilities? Or that other competent Eskimos be excluded so
that I may appear to be excelling. Then if this is not done- to claim that
I am the victim of racism or otherwise disadvantaged.

Should I contract AIDS through my inability to control my sexual urges, or I am
a drug addict, do I then have the right to demand free medication and treatment,
paid for with our hard earned tax dollars! You do not catch Aids- You have to go
out and get it!!

What about those with other illnesses, which are not self inflicted- Will this
benefit be extended to them as well or are they now happy to again blatantly
discriminate, as long as it benefits them.

Are the drug companies going to give the same consideration to all the ill
people of the world, or do they consider the lives and health of non aids
sufferers to be of lesser value.

Aids is a self inflicted and self eradicating disease. Nature is cleansing the
planet of deviants and evolutionary retards, and restoring the balance which we
have disturbed.
Just let it run its course.

If I insisted on working in a nuclear physics research environment but
understood little of nuclear physics- should I demand that they revise their
entrance requirements or research only basic elements?
Why then, when certain groups fail to score as high as other groups, on the
tests designed to access suitability for the technological Western environment,
such as IQ etc.- do they claim that these tests are racist and demand that they
are revised.
The same applies to Western educational institutions designed to prepare one for
the demands of a technological age.
The list of examples of these anomalies is endless, yet we accept them daily.

It is amazing how frequently the term ‘DEMAND’ is used by groups that have
contributed little to, or even hindered, the progress of Modern Civilization.

Even more unbelievable is how willing we are to consent to such demands, no
matter how ludicrous!! Thereby hindering our progress still further.

Instead of moving forward with our own culture, our time and efforts are being
consumed by efforts to alter our society/environment to accommodate those who
are foreign to it and who do not contribute to it.

Is this an attempt to slow down our progress, in the hope that less evolved
groups can catch up?

Any environment or group, to which they are not suited or are unable to achieve
in, is branded as racist.

Consider the following scenario:-
A genetically similar, but technologically superior, alien race arrives on our
planet and promptly replaces all our familiar technology with theirs and alter
our environment with new transport, construction and farming techniques etc.
Our language and written communication is replaced with telepathy.
This technology works on principles, which we are not yet able to conceptualize.

All control is achieved by means of mental telepathy etc. and a careless thought
results in damage or catastrophe.
They also replace all the familiar laws, rules and religious principles, with
their own, the transgression of which results in swift retribution.
All the necessary educational institutions are provided - where all lectures are
presented telepathically on the assumption that we have evolved sufficiently to
grasp their concepts.
They then decide that we are their equals and charge us with the responsibility
for this new environment. If anyone of them protests that we are not prepared
(evolutionary) for the task, they are told that they are racist.
How competent would we be in this environment?
How frustrated?  -- ‘Fish Out Of Water’ perhaps?

This is the equivalent experience of the more primitive groups.

Unless we accept that we are different, (even genetically- hence the easy
identification of race by forensics) have different needs and that we are not
all comfortable, suited to, or able to cope, in the same environment- we cannot
hope to avoid conflict. We need to stop forcing a foreign environment on others
and above all stop trying to adopt a culture, which is unnatural, and then
complain that they are disadvantaged.

All the valid genetic, physiological and psychological studies that have been
done which highlight the differences between the races have been covered
up as racist.

How much longer are we going to paint over hard facts with the brush of
political correctness?

There will always be exceptions in any group. Usually these are paraded as
proof of equality. However neither nature, nor evolution is governed by
exceptions. Which exception or oddball’s characteristics would determine the
environment for the rest of us?

The Whites do not hold up Albert Einstein as an example of Joe Average!

Any suitable environment will always be governed by and evolve to the average
requirements of a particular group or species. Forced adaptation of our
environment in an attempt to accommodate these races will simply retard western

Just consider the contribution to western progress and lifestyle the trillions
of dollars, squandered in Africa in the futile attempts to drag them into the 
modern era, could have made.


ANY attempt to create a single environment for everyone will of necessity be a
retrograde step, and result in it not being ideally suited to anyone - Resulting
in feelings of discrimination on all sides and conflict.

How much longer are we going to keep our heads buried in the sand and ignore
the obvious? Only a fool defies the laws of nature.

Why are the so called aids activists not telling aids infected women to not
get pregnant, instead of demanding that millions more of our tax dollars are
wasted on free aids treatment- just to create a generation of orphans

We must apply our efforts to improving our environment and culture for ourselves
and not allow our evolution and progress to be retarded by these groups.
(Yes, evolution is an ongoing process) If they insist on trying to impersonate
the western culture then it must simply be a case of ‘sink or swim’ or
‘fit in or FO’. We must not sacrifice our identity or allow our race/group to
be swamped by foreign entities because of our generosity

Evolution will not respond to any ‘DEMANDS’!!

The concept of racism was created to avoid the myth of equality being exposed.
Remember this document the next time you see a parasitic minority march or a
demonstration trying to force their opinion on you or demanding that you hand
over our resources for them to squander. ---

If you had to run riot in the streets smashing windows, Looting, Burning
cars etc. you would probably be shot. If however you were part of a minority
mob trying to negate democracy by forcing their opinion on others, then you
would somehow be immune to prosecution.


“Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost
It is Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to
Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism,
imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
The charge of racism puzzles Whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled
good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation.
The White man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of
it. And superiority excites envy.
Destroying White civilization is the innermost desire of the league of
designated victims we call 'minorities.'”


 We white colonists wish to make a confession. We confess our sins against the
 black people of Africa (and those of our forefathers), which are outlined in
 detail below:-

 1. We apologize for giving them doctors, new hospitals, medical services that
     enabled them to survive plagues, disasters and to multiply into uncountable
2. We apologize for teaching them to read and write the English language and
   even for putting their own languages down in writing for them. We even taught
   them mathematics and built hundreds (if not thousands) of schools for them
   even rebuilding and repairing same when they burnt them down or
   vandalized them.
3. We apologize for building factories and shops, which gave them work.
   We apologize for taking them into our houses to work, giving them food and
   even paying them.
 4. We apologize for building farms out of barren bush and gardens from which
    we fed them .
5. We apologize for giving them clothes and shoes instead of leaving them in the
   animal skins they wore before we found them wandering aimlessly around the
   plains, mountains and valleys not having evolved sufficiently to invent even
   the wheel or written language.
 6. We apologize for extracting minerals from below the earth, minerals which
    had always been there but were unknown to the local inhabitants. We
    apologize for paying them to work in these mines.
7. We apologize for those among us who established charity organizations to
   feed and clothe them while they themselves never knew, or know now, the
   meaning of charity.
8. We apologize for building a network of roads all over the country which they
   now use to give Africa one of the highest road accident rates in the world.

9. We apologize for building huge dams which keep them supplied with fresh
   water, even in times of drought.
10. We apologize for paying the lion's share of the countries tax burden while
    spending the least upon ourselves.
11. We apologize for giving them modern construction techniques which enabled
    them to move out of the mud and grass structures which they copied from
    bird’s nests.

 For all these evil sins we most humbly beg forgiveness, and if they will
 only accept our apologies, we will gladly take back all of the above
 mentioned evil deeds and leave them where and as we found them. !!!!

The current inhabitants of Egypt had nothing to do with the creation of its c
onstructions. Which is why they have no knowledge of their creation. In fact it
is western man who has provided the most insight into their mysteries, including
the ancient languages. Do you think that their ancestors just forgot to mention
an achievement of that scale and significance? Did they forget to write down the
details despite having invented the first known written language? They were
either built by another race on their way north and who moved on, or who died
out from disease. (the more likely scenario)
The current inhabitants are merely nomads who stumbled across it.
They are nothing more than squatters claiming credit for others achievements.

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