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Make Lots Of Money... It Works...

From: lgqhey
Subject: Make Lots Of Money... It Works...
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:11:21 GMT

Dollar$ For You


If you want to get straight to the money making just skip the first paragraph… 
If not read on and learn how I KNOW its legal and how I found out that I could 
make THOUSANDS with an initial investment of only $6.00.

While looking around on various bulletin boards and newsgroups I came across an 
article similar to this one stating that you could make thousands of dollars 
with an initial investment of only $6.00. Being the skeptical person that I am 
I figured that it was just a scam, but I thought hey reading it couldn't hurt. 
As I completed the article I sat and started thinking it through… would this 
work? I asked myself…. Then it hit me.. HEY!!! IT WILL!!! Then I realized that 
I only needed 6.00$ which I already had. Then I thought… Is this really legal? 
Well lucky me I had a neighbor that just so happened to be a lawyer that worked 
for the state. I decided to hop on over and ask him bout it. He looked through 
his books and looking through various postal laws he came across title 18. 
section 1302 and 1341, that was all he needed. He called me up told me that it 
was perfectly legal as long as I sent the $6.00 but if I didn't that would be 
fraud… but sending off $6.00 didn't bother me espe!
cially when I received $37.00 within one week. The next week I got somewhere 
around $800.00 somethin.. and I thought surely after $800.00 that it would 
stop.. but I was wrong..2 weeks later I had more than 30,000 DOLLARS!!!!
I didn't think it could get any better the money keeps coming in even as I 
write this right now!! Try it yourself… $6.00 is well worth more than 30,000 
DOLLARS!!! What this process is known as is the mail order business…Now why 
does this work? Well when you follow all of the below instructions and you get 
them pasted on at least 200 or more newsgroups and bulletin boards…REMEMBER THE 
MORE YOU PASTE THEM THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE!!!!...the people that see this 
and decide to try it will enclose a dollar and send it YOU… and the MORE 
newsgroups you paste this  on the MORE dollars you will get and the FASTER you 
will get them… so when they send the dollars they then take your address or PO 
BOX ( you will learn more about this later ) and move it up one to the 5 spot 
and send it off to 200 or more newsgroups/bulletin boards depending on how much 
money they want to make… more newsgroups/bulletin boards the more money they 
will make.. when they send it off you are on the 5 spot an!
d then someone gets it and they move you up to the 4 spot.. but they are still 
sending you a dollar…then they send it off to newsgroups or bulletin boards…
.and this process continues til you are finally number 1… then poof you are 
gone when the next person gets that one where you are one the number 1 spot… 
but they still send you a dolloar…and of course you can always repost your 
original copy ( the one where u started off at #6) again after you are done… 
that way the process starts over and you get more money again…but you will also 
have to resend you six dollars but by then you should have so much $$MONEY$$ 
that six dollars wont matter…

Now let me show you how to make $$MONEY$$:
Now what you have to do is put 1 dollar in each of six envelopes that way when 
you get done you will have 6 envelopes each with one dollar in them. Now get 
six sheets of paper and write on them "Please put me on your mailing list"… 
what you are doing is requesting a legitimate service and you are paying for 
it!!! ( 1 dollar ) See I told you it was legal… Now take your letters and put 
them in the envelopes, you may want to wrap your dollar up with your letter so 
that nobody can see that you are mailing cash and try and take it.  Now address 
each of these letters to:

#1) B.M.Nsubuga 4380 Main St. Amherst, NY.14226 

#2) Matt Snodgrass 2115 S.Osage Bartlesville, Ok.74003 

#3) Mike Gordon 204 South Maple St. Winchester, KY.40391 

#4) Jeff Waldrop 39-A Lucy Rd. Laurel, MS 39443 

#5) Brian Thompson 15 Briggs Pond Wy. Sharon, MA 02067

#6) TJ Jackson 1225 Oakland Ave. Warner Robins, GA 31088

and send them off in the mail… be sure to do this step.. this step is very 
important its what makes this whole thing legal. AHHHHH NOW ITS YOUR TURN TO 
MAKE SOME MONEY….YAY!!! What you will have to do is after you have sent those 
letters off erase the address in the number 1 spot and put what is in the 
number 2 spot in its place and continue this all the way down until spot 6 is 
empty… here is an example of what I mean… if you cannot edit any of this then 
what you will have to do is put your cursor at the beginning of this document 
and click and hold down the mouse button and drag it all the way down to the 
end of this document. The click the edit menu and select copy. Open notepad or 
whatever your text editing software is… I use Word 2000… and paste it in there… 
More information on this is available in the "What are newsgroups you ask???" 
section at the bottom.




6) Your address

Be sure to do that on THIS document.. no need to remake one it will keep it 
simple.. If you are worried bout putting your address then make a PO Box.. if 
that will make you feel more comfortable.. but I assure you that this is safe. 
After you have done that take this document and copy and paste it in at least 
200 or more newsgroups but remember the MORE NEWSGROUPS YOU PASTE IT ON THE 
MORE      $$$MONEY$$$  YOU WILL MAKE…on my  windows computer copy is "ctrl+c"…. 
and paste is "ctrl+v".. be sure to highlight it before you try and copy or else 
it wont copy…but you those are just the shortcut keys that I use.. you can copy 
and paste using whatever method you feel comfortable…REMEMBER THE MORE 

What are newsgroups you ask???...

Well if you are reading this you should know but I will explain the simple 
process of putting things on a newsgroup…

STEP 1: You do not need to retype this entire letter to do your own posting. 
Simply put your cursor at the beginning of this letter and drag your cursor to 
the bottom of this document, and select "copy" from the edit menu. This will 
copy the entire letter into the computer's memory.

 STEP 2: Open a blank notepad file and place your cursor at the top of the 
blank page. From the edit menu, select "paste." This will paste the copy of the 
letter into notepad so you can add your own name.

STEP 3: Save your new notepad file as a .txt file. If you want to do your 
postings in different settings , you'll always have this file to come back to.

 STEP 4: Use Netscape and Internet Explorer and try searching for various news 
groups (on-line forums, message boards, chat sites, discussions.) Or use 
outlook express and click "tools" then "newsgroups". When the window comes up 
fill in the various information… your "NNTP" ( I think that's what its called) 
should be available on your internet service providers website. After you have 
completed that you should see a button somewhere that says "reset list" search 
for it and click it… it should give you a HUGE list of newsgroups… I have 
50,000 of them. Just choose which ones and get to work. REMEMBER THE MORE YOU 

STEP 5: Visit these message boards and post this article as a new message by 
highlighting the text of this letter and selecting "paste" from the edit menu. 
Fill in the subject, this will be the header that everyone sees as they scroll 
through the list of postings in a particular group, click the post message 
button. You're done with the first one! CONGRATULATIONS,…THAT'S IT!

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