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Search Engine Notification

From: Oddzz/Casinozz Search Engine
Subject: Search Engine Notification
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:32:27 -0600

Our "Smart Spiders" have recommended that your page or posting be included in the Oddzz/Casinozz search engine, the world's largest search resource for information on both the resort and the online gambling spaces.
The search resource is available at Oddzz.com or Casinozz.com. It has just opened with over 35,000 links, and with one mission in life - clean, easy-to-access gambling, gaming, and sports betting information from everywhere on the Internet. No affiliate programs, pay for placement, traffic programs, or banner farms. Being listed in Oddzz/Casinozz costs nothing.
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As smart as our spiders are, they can make mistakes. We only want to list sites and postings that are related to the topics of resort and online gambling. Please let us know if they have gotten confused!
If your site or post is not on this topic, if you wish to be de-listed from the search engine, or if you wish to be removed from this informational mailing list all you have to do is:
Click here to be removed from Oddzz or Casinozz
We plan to be an important asset to both gaming users and information providers in this space, so please get back to us with any suggestions or recommendations as to how we can make this resource better.
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