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tab expansion when word follows

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: tab expansion when word follows
Date: 14 Nov 2002 11:06:18 +0800
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Odd, normally tab expansion gives me a space after a command name, but
not apparently when the cursor has a word following:
$ disphttp://www.alertbox.com/images/alertbox/relevance.jpg
I just get 'display' with no space.
On the other hand, I like not having the space here:
$ ls $ww/outgoing
        ^hit tab here to expand my variable, becomes:
$ ls $wwwoffle_cache/outgoing
Anyways, perhaps document all this on the man page, if not there
already.  P.S. I can't read this group even on gmane.org, as it is
packed with massive spams wasting phone money.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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