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alias vs unalias

From: Jürgen Pabel
Subject: alias vs unalias
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:35:10 +0000

Dear Bash-Team,

I have found a difference in the handling of "alias" vs "unalias" and believe 
is a bug (if it isn't, would someone please mail me as to why). Here's my 

alias xyz=ls ; xyz -l

will execute "ls -l" as expected. Whereas the follow up command

unalias xyz ; xyz -l

will still execute "ls -l" instead of trying to execute "xyz -l". This 
behaviour was
reproducible for 2.03 on Solaris and 2.04 on (SuSE) Linux. I looked at the
builin_alias and builtin_unalias functions in hope for a quick solution, but it
appears to me that the problem is somewhere within the parsing and 
of the command line itself (and the treatment of environment related commands
within "complex" command lines).

I can't investigate this issue any further due to a lack of time, but for 
accustomed to the bash sources, this looks like it'd be an easy problem to 



Jürgen Pabel
CISSP, IT-Security Manager

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