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piped functions cannot set variables

From: Andrew Robb
Subject: piped functions cannot set variables
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:22:17 +0000

under sh and ksh the following code echos 1

fred() { A=1; } ; unset A ; echo hello | fred ; echo $A

this does not work in bash.

However, if I do not use a pipe, it echos 1, as does sh and ksh

fred() { A=1; } ; unset A ; fred ; echo $A

I wan't to use a shell function as a filter to read the output from
another program into arrays.
This works in ksh but not bash.

It looks like I could use a named pipe to make it work, but this is

fred() { A=1; } ; unset A ; rm -f fifo ; mkfifo fifo ; echo hello >
fifo & fred < fifo ; rm -f fifo ; echo A

(of course, this example generated a SIGPIPE in echo)

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