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New feature suggestion for bash

Subject: New feature suggestion for bash
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:42:19 +0200 (EET)


I think an new bash features and I want to inform you about it: a
.bash_history file for directories under the $HOME directory(not for the 
deeper directories under the $HOME).

Sometimes, i made a lot of telnet and ftp and write LaTeX document. And i
think that if i can create  a  'telnet directory' and keep a different
.bash_history file for that specific directory. I could easily find the
previous telnets by simply changing to the 'telnet' directory. This is
applicable for other 'application specific' direvctories. By this, we will
also be able to add the 'application  directories' to the directory

For example  i develop  a project and i use some shell command for it.
After creation of the project directory we will add the .bash_history file
to that directory and when we change to it, the command we used for it
will be easily reachable.

I think also efficiency. We do not keep the previous 1000 command in that
'directory specific .bash_history file'. I think 20-30 command is enough.
Let's say each command's lengt is 30 byte. It is nearly 1K byte. For every
directory change we must replace 1K byte in the memory and it is not a
hard for todays systems.

It is only a suggestion, if it happens i will be happy.

Best regards,

-halil agin.

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