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bash-2.05b maildir bug

From: Nikola Vladov
Subject: bash-2.05b maildir bug
Date: 19 Mar 2003 17:05:09 -0000

Hi, I find a bug i bash-2.05b. 
If the the MAILPATH variable is set to
and the subdir $HOME/Maildir/cur is empty, then the bash 
do not work correctly. To fix the problem I comment one line.
That's all. Now the end of the file
  bash-2.05b/lib/sh/mailstat.c is:

    /* Next is to fix the problem when ..../Maildir/cur is empty */
    /* if (atime) */
      st_ret.st_atime = atime;
    if (mtime)
      st_ret.st_mtime = mtime;

    *st = st_ret_last = st_ret;
    return 0;

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