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Re: IFS and read bug

From: Paul Jarc
Subject: Re: IFS and read bug
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:06:34 -0500
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address@hidden wrote:
>   IFS="/" read -r -d $'\000' -a uu <<< /kghfjk/jkfzuk/i
> now I check, what is in 'uu':
>   declare -p uu               produces:
>   declare -a uu='([0]="" [1]="kghfjk" [2]="jkfzuk" [3]="i\
> ")'
> The first strange thing is, that field number 3 ends with a
> newline. But maybe tis is what you want and I just don't understand.

I think this is the expected behavior.  When you use "<<<", the
command's input is the given string followed by a newline, although
the documentation does not mention the added newline.  Then since you
used "-d $'\000'", that newline is not treated as the end of input by
the read command.

>   [ "${uu[0]}" = $'\177' ] && echo yes     produces:
> yes
> This definitely seems to be a bug.

I agree.


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