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Segmentation Fault on BASH with ~ expansion

From: Raghu Karamel
Subject: Segmentation Fault on BASH with ~ expansion
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 23:37:24 -0700

I am not sure this is the right list where I can ask questions? I don't really find any other mailing list to get some help... so I am here. I appreciate your help and thanks in advance for your time.
I am facing a problem with bash (version 2.05)... that is it throws an "Segmentation Fault" and dumps the core when trying to expand ~ (tilde). The system is Solaris 8 and I have LDAP Naming Services installed on it. This problem happens only when I enable the LDAP naming services. Everything works fine if I disable the LDAP Naming Service.
I re-compiled bash with the following options... but the problem never got resolved.
Did anyone face this problem? Is there any fix for this? Or can I disable ~ expansion on bash?

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