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Needful information!

From: William Jones
Subject: Needful information!
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 12:31:54 -0800

Dear Sir,

Pardon my intrusion into your privacy like
this,but the circumstances warrant that I do so.

I am Mr.William Jones - a lawyer/consultant for
some African eminent personels who prefer to
remain anonymous.

They have shown proofs to me which I have
verified professionally that their claims are
true,sincere and acurate as I wouldn't want my
name and career smeared with mud.;that they
have a certain large sum of money in CASH
(USD$95,000,000.00 - Ninety five million USA
dollars) stashed away in security and finance
houses in europe.

My clients are politicians,ex-head of states and
some of them are in assylum.Which explains
why they prefer to remain anonymous.

They have requested that I source for a reliable
and capable foreigner to act as their partner
who will help claim these funds from the
security company after which it shall be used
for investment as directed by the foreigner(
subject to a close stuidy of feasibilty expected
to be supplied).The funds are duely protected
professionally to avoid any unauthorized
tamperings or  theft.

A total of 22.5% of the total sum has been set
aside for you if you agree to be our partner as
well as a 5% which is mapped out for all
expenses which might be incurred in the
process of claiming the funds from the security

As a lawyer,I am aware of  the various similar
propositions flying about on the internet and I
must confess that I was reluctant to take up
this task,but having carried out my
investigations and confirm it true,I can
confidently tell you that this is no scam.

Kindly revert back to me should you wish to be
a partner with 100% assurance that you won't
regret your decision to join us.

Awaiting your prompt response.

Sincerely yours,
Mr.William Jones

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