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Fwd: Important Alert

From: Lionel.Cons
Subject: Fwd: Important Alert
Date: 01 May 2004 19:31:50 -0600

Dear User ,
This is A very High Resk Virus Alert.
This email is sent to you because one or some of your friends has been infected
with The address@hidden Virus.
And you could be infected too.This Virus has the ability to damage the hard disk.
This Virus infects computers using many new ways :
1- it arrives as an email attachment inside of jpg pictures.
2- it infects the ip address without the victim's knowledge.
3- it infects Microsoft Word Documents using a new exploit in hex (00fxf0xf10x).

  • Symantec Consumer products that support Worm Blocking functionality automatically detect this threat as it attempts to spread.
  • Symantec Security Response has attached a removal tool to clean and prevent the infections of address@hidden.

Norton AntiVirus
..Zipped Movie

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