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New products

From: kuki
Subject: New products
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 14:35:38 +0800

Notice: If this mail has bothered you, please kindly take off it, or send me a blank email, I will take off your mail ID in my Email address. Hope not to bother you again in the future! Thank you!

Dear Sir,
Hope you are well? So long we have not contact with each other. This is kuki from INTANG TECHNOLOGY LTD.
Welcome to view our website. We have maked many new models in our website:http://www.in-tang.com 
Below is our motherboard and VGA card pricelist,more of our products are in my attached file.

Giga byte Motherboard
GA-8ID2003                      USD40.00
GA-8IE2004                      USD44.50
GA-8IR2003                      USD38.50
ASUS Motherboard
P4B266                            USD57.00
P4B533                            USD54.00
P4P800                            USD60.00
OEM Motherboard
Intel845GL                        USD31.50
Intel845E                          USD37.60
Intel810                            USD28.00
RADEON 7500 Memory:64MB,DDR/64bit 200/400Mhz GUI:400MHz         USD32.50
RADEON 7200 Memory:64MB,SDR/64bit 200/400Mhz GUI:155MHz         USD23.00
RAGE 128GL PCI  Memory:32MB,SDR,/64bit GUI:133MHz                      USD18.00
RAGE 128GL VGA  Memory:32MB,SDR,/64bit GUI:133MHz                    USD17.00
RAGE Mobility-m/p  Memory:8MB,VGA+TV                                            USD8.70
RAGE XL PCI 8MB                                                                                USD8.50
GF M400  DDR AGP                                                                              USD25.00
Hope to build a long-term successful business association with your company on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. We believe we shall be able, by joint efforts, to promote friendship as well as business.
If you have interested or have any inquiry please don't contact me at any time.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Thanks & Best regards,
Tel:+86 755 83612817
Fax:+86 755 83611823
Mobile:+86 137 1525 4277
Yahoo ID: kuki_intang
Web: http:www.in-tang.com

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