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assistance needed

From: senatortundeogbeha
Subject: assistance needed
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 21:49:00 -0700

FROM: Senator Tunde Ogbeha
REPLY TO E-MAIL:address@hidden

Attention: Sir

My name is Senator Tunde Ogbeha, the chairman of  the
Senate committee on Pension,Insurance and Manpower
development in the National Assembly of the Federal
Republic Of  Nigeria. 
I am writing you to earnestly Solicit for your
assistance in helping to receive some sum of money
into your account for safe keeping.I got your e-mail
address through an internet marketing firm while
searching for a reliable and reputable person to
handle this transaction.

We have the sum of US$29,000,000.00 (Twenty Nine
Million Dollars) that we intend to transfer overseas
through the assistance of a foreign partner.This money
came as a result of over provision in the budget for
unclaimed pension and accident insurance. This over
provision was done by my committee, but all payments
have been made to beneficiaries leaving behind the
over budgeted amount which amounts to US$29,000,000.00
which is deposited in the Nigeria Deposit Bank here in
Nigeria.I have agreed to transfer the funds overseas
for my campaign funding and other investment purposes
with your help. 
I am contacting you therefore,to stand in as the
beneficiary to process this fund into your custody.As
soon as you give your consent to this I will
immediately send you title documents to the fund in
your name so you can make claim for it.
I will provide you with 30% for assisting us and 5% to
be set aside for reimbursement,for every expenses that
may arise during the process of concluding the
transaction.The fund shall be transferred to you
legally in accordance with all laid down procedures
governing foreign transfer of funds. 
I have perfected all modalities for the successful
transfer of this money to you as the beneficiary. 
Finally,I have to reassure you that this transaction
is 100% RISK FREE and should be kept absolutely
confidential.Presently,you can reach me by return
mail, you should also include your telephone numbers
if any, for secured communication between us.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
I await your response. 
Also Note that we need to conclude this transaction
before the end of this month as we can still make
payments on last years budget till this time. 
Best Regards
Senator Tunde Ogbeha.


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