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Version 2.05b.0(1) - file completion bug

From: Tom Popovich
Subject: Version 2.05b.0(1) - file completion bug
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 13:05:02 -0700
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==> First note: dont put my email address in the bug report if you dont, I would hate if spammers get it.

Version 2.05b.0(1)

Problem: if you do TAB completion after a [<] redirect it does not work.

E.g REPRO with: ( 1. touch IIIII
  2. mkdir py
   3.  cd py
     4.  gzip -d < ../I[TAB]

does no name completion. we should get IIIII

BUT if you "delete" the <  temporarily and do the TAB it works!
so there is a workaround you hop over and delete the < then jump back to the end
and hit TAB then ... jump back over and "retype a <".

It looks like the < and I guess other shell redirect characters causes problems. I'm a professional programmer myself. I think that the confusion is caused because
its trying to complete  < ../  [just a guess].


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