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Are you going to be able to survive the next six months?

From: Dr. Clark Garrison
Subject: Are you going to be able to survive the next six months?
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 22:22:10 -0500

Hi address@hidden

Well now,

You  finally graduate, wearing your cap with the words "HIRE ME" printed on top 
of it,  then  spend a year or more looking for a decent position, only to find 
that the only companies who are welcoming you are the folks with the Golden 

How are you going to achieve immortality by passing on your genes to the next 
generation, if you have little, or no money? Healthy, attractive, adults aren't 
interested in other adults, with little to no money, who talk about having 

After ten years of dedicated service, you look up one day to see your 
supervisor standing in front of you, telling you that they have someone they 
want you to train; for a position that you had hoped to get? You know that 
means you have hit the glass ceiling. The company you have worked for all your 
life suddenly goes broke, or lays you off right before you reach retirement 
leaving you with no pension at all? You think to yourself..."Why is this 
happening to me? "

Tens of thousands of unwary people fall into that abyss every day! Is that 
where you want the system to push you? They will you know; if you let them.

So how are you supposed to improve your credit once you get in that trap? I 
have the answers at the bottom of this post.

Remember! If you give someone a fish...they will eat for a day or two.

If you teach someone how to fish, they will eat well for a lifetime.

I'm in the teaching business; not the charity business. :-)

Work with me and I will show you how to overcome the anxieties that I reminded 
you of!. The only requirements are that you be seventeen and over, and not have 
any felonies. Don't gamble with your future!

If any of these things ring a bell with you, email me RIGHT NOW using the 
subject of:  

"Send information" 

(1) I am offering three low cost high commission services that 80% of the 
American public needs and can't afford.
The premiums run from $17.00 a month for families, to #125.00 a month for 
businesses that have 51 to 99 people.
Your commission runs from $100.00 for each one sold to $460.00 or more. We 
offer affordable family and business legal coverage that will blow your mind!

(2) We offer amazing Health Savings plans from $34.95 to $109.95 that work 
great and save you lots of money. Ask Brian Cacey! 

(3) Finally we offer unlimited long distance service worldwide for $80.00 a 
month! Only $19.95 for the USA and Canada. This includes your local calling as 

All of these opportunities, and the services we market come with lots of third 
party support from Wall street, and other reputable sources.. 

Get back to me in a few minutes after you have read this,  So I can help you 
get in the dooe and start changing things for the better by using and marketing 
these excellent services.

Dr C. Garrison
The Garrison Group
American Marketing Griot 
Washington D.C.  
Customer Service  1-202-360-4384
If you have a message for us, other than asking to be removed, or for me to 
"Send Information",
please address your email to  "address@hidden" and either I, or a member of my 
will answer it quickly.


If you have reseeved this missive in air advise the sender by  reply email 
using the sub?ect of    "remove"    and only "remove". 

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