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special environment variables set by bash

From: Helmut Dipper
Subject: special environment variables set by bash
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 16:32:28 +0200


my bash version is 2.05.0(6), it is executed
under use of the cygwin1.dll on Windows-XP

Immediately after starting the bash environment
variables exist with following names
'!::', '!?:' and '!D:'. These variables do not
exist prior to the start of the bash.

A program (e.g. nant) started in this environment
tries to construct 'property names' of the format
'sys.env.<variable>' and fails because the names
mentioned above lead to invalid names.

The bash-builtin 'unset' doesn't accept those
variable names.

How can the creation of these variables be avoided
or how can they be unset?

Best regards
Helmut Dipper

Helmut Dipper           | SICAD Utilities GmbH
phone: +49 89 45026 320 | Postfach 830754
  fax: +49 89 45026 316 | D-81707 Muenchen

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