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bash + dvorak + vi-mode key remap problem

From: Nils Grimsmo
Subject: bash + dvorak + vi-mode key remap problem
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 18:33:50 +0200
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i am a vi-user, and after i switched to dvork, i've done quite a bit of
conf'ing. but i encountered a problem i couldn't find an obvious
solution to. the reason for using vi is the niceness of the home row,
and therefore i remap hjkl to htns. these keys are actually on key
_right_ of the original, meaning i now use four fingers for navigating.
i think this is way better than vi on qwerty.

the problem is getting readline in bash to play. you may put constructs
like this in your .inputrc:

$if mode=vi
     h: backward-char
     t: next-history
     s: previous-history
     s: forward-char

but this maps the keys for both insert-mode and command mode. the
problem is that you can only ask about the editing-mode ('vi' or
'emacs'), and not the current keymap ('emacs-standard', 'emacs-meta',
'emacs-ctlx', 'vi-command' or 'vi-insert').

from bash(1):

$if    The  $if  construct  allows  bindings  to  be made based on the
        editing mode, the terminal being used, or the application using
        readline. ...

i want to specify something like ...

$if keymap=vi-command

... to let me navigate in command-mode.

does anyone know how to solve this, or will i have to patch readline?

btw: i don't get next-history or previous-history to work (i am running
bash 3). the usual arrow keys work, but C-p and C-n do not, and neither
anything i specify. are not these functions what i think they are?

klem fra nils

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