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Mail Delivery (failure address@hidden)

From: Do_Not_Reply
Subject: Mail Delivery (failure address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:13:55 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

To: address@hidden

From: address@hidden

The message you sent on 8/26/2004 6:55:51 PM to address@hidden regarding Mail 
Delivery (failure address@hidden) was blocked by anti-Spam policies currently 
in place.

Please contact the recipient if you believe this message should not have been 

Do not reply to this email. It is sent solely to advise you your message was 
not delivered.

Message ID: 423982551000090013-2-223250001

MailWatch has scanned your e-mail message and determined it can not be 
delivered as originally sent.  MailWatch can help you avoid these problems in 
the future by scanning your e-mail for viruses, Spam and objectionable content. 
 Visit http://www.MailWatch.com to read about the benefits of MailWatch.

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