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Re: test -n STRING and test STRING differ

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: test -n STRING and test STRING differ
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 04:57:04 +0800

Paul> I don't see any bug.

Well, you've got to admit that docs like

       [-n] STRING
              the length of STRING is nonzero

       `-n STRING'
       True if the length of STRING is nonzero.

and bash's

        -n STRING
        STRING         True if string is not empty.

make it look like we can "make our code clearer by inserting(removing)
-n's", until we discover our test 'find x -mtime +3` does not always
work like test -n `find x -mtime +3`, and no we don't want to use

So we end up in Computer Court and the judge says we lose the case
because we didn't actually give a STRING like you say... however, I
would add a note to the docs, please!

you'll see I used test, so a user misunderstood--yes, his problem. I
was about to change it to test -n to make my ideas clearer, thinking they were
equivalent... but good thing I caught the difference.  Please add a warning.

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