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From: Pascal S. de Kloe
Subject: --enable-minimal-config
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 02:45:03 +0200
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# ./configure --enable-minimal-config
# make
execute_cmd.c: In function `executing_line_number':
execute_cmd.c:290: error: union has no member named `Cond'
execute_cmd.c:292: error: union has no member named `Arith'
execute_cmd.c:294: error: union has no member named `ArithFor'
make: *** [execute_cmd.o] Error 1

Computer: alphaev56-unknown-linux-gnu
bash 2.05b with patch 001 to 007
gcc 3.3.4


Since the manual invites "Suggestions and 'philosophical' bug reports" I'll have a complaint. Why do you have variables named PWD and OLDPWD?
Following the historical "An Introduction To The C Shell" by William Joy:
 - builtin pwd meaning Print Working Directory
 - $CWD meaning Current Working Directory
 - $OWD meaning Old Working Directory

Knowing that $OLDPWD sounds rather stupid to me. Is there a possibility that you recover this little mistake in BASH3?



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