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From: Musa Usman
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 02:14:06 +0200

I am Engineer Mr.Musa Usman staff of one of the
influential banks in Nigeria and the head of computer
/record, recently, the central bank of Nigeria (CBN)
released an additional list of twenty one (21)
terrorist group /individuals and directed all
financial institutions in the country to bring to them
for possible freezing.

Having gone through our records, I discovered that
GURIDI who bank with us are among the names listed by
the central bank of Nigeria as terrorists and have
since disappeared. this development prompted me to
dislodge the account from the computer system and all
traceable documents retrieved for security purposes
.however the sum balance of the accounts is

I extend to trance the above sum into a foreign
accounts and would require accounts your require your
assistance as follows:

Provision of a suitable account in which this huge sum
can be lodged on install mental basis.
To provide sources of investment interests to invest
large proportion of this fund.
To assist me in the acquisition of a standard home in
your country for the fact that I and my family will
leave Nigeria as soon as the business is concluded to
enable me take control of my investments there.

Please Note: This is a proposal, which if I including
the sharing ratio will provide accepted, other
information regarding this transaction discussed and
agreed on.

Please visit one of our national daily: vanguard

Website: http://www.vanguardngr.com

Publication date is Thursday, March 14,2002.vol. 17 :

No.4948 front page.

Please be assured that this business is strictly under
my control, safe and risk free. I expect your urgent
reply to enhance quick transaction.

You may wish to reach me on my E-mail address:

Sincerely yours

Mr.Musa Usman

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