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Welcome to AIRDESK Footprints

From: AIRDESK Support
Subject: Welcome to AIRDESK Footprints
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 12:16 -0500

Welcome to the AIRDESK project!  You can submit requests, update existing 
incidents, and submit queries to the system via email.  The following 
instructions will help you use the AIRDESK project email feature to its fullest 
extent.  We recommend you save this message for future reference.

* TO SUBMIT A REQUEST to the AIRDESK project, send an email to address@hidden 
with a brief description of the request in the subject line, and a full 
description in the body of the email.  You will receive a confirmation email 
when the request is successfully registered.  If specific incident information 
is required, you will receive an email back with instructions.

* TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL FORM with all fields for issue submission, send an email 
to address@hidden with the subject "HTML form".

* TO APPEND to an existing issue, simply reply to the notification email you 
receive regarding that issue, typing you new message above the line.

* TO RECEIVE INFORMATION vi email, several email queries are available.  Simply 
send an email to address@hidden with one of the queries below in the subject 

General queries:

  * help - Returns this general help message.
  * listprojects - Returns a list of project names and corresponding project 
numbers of all the projects to which you belong.

The following queries will return data for the default project for incoming 
email as defined by the system administrator.  To return data for a different 
project (to which you are assigned), the line "Project=n" must be in the body 
of the email, where "n" is the project number.  The project number can be 
retrieved with the listprojects query.  All searches are case-insensitive.

  * getMine - Returns a list of your assignments
  * getschema - Returns the project field schema of the project.  This 
describes the project fields specific to the project.
  * SearchFAQ "keyword" - Returns solutions based on a keyword found in the 
title or description. (i.e. SearchFAQ printer)
  * getTicket "number" - Displays the entire details of an existing issue based 
on the issue number (You must be assigned to the issue).  (i.e. getTicket 235)
  * HTML form - returns an HTML form with all fields for issue submission for a 
project.  (i.e. HTML form, or HTML form PROJ=5).

If you experience any problems using this system, please send an email directly 
to address@hidden  Enjoy using the AIRDESK project!

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