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Chinese textile machinery spare parts

From: Martin Zhang
Subject: Chinese textile machinery spare parts
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 01:11:44 +0800

Room 2301,Hero Building,No.2669
Xie Tu Road,Shanghai 200030,China(export office)

Attn:Chinese textile machinery spare parts

 Dear Sir :

We obtained your email from our business partner.

We can supply you accessories for rapier loom, air jet loom, and water jet loom . We produce gripper, tape and magnet healds and other accessories for Somet, Vamatex, Picanol, Nouvo Pignone and sulzer rutti loom. 

We (ItalyWind) are  a qualified leading weaving machine spare parts supplier scince 10 years before. Our clients are worldwide.

In order to  fulfill our clients' requirements, in China ,we own the  biggest warehouse and database of textile machinery accessories, for  the reason of  fastest reaction.   

Our spare parts not only tested by us ,but also qualified by Chinese market.

All  the spare parts  ,that  sold by us, are  assured by our refund and reputation. 

Recently we have  just updated our online catalog (store.italywind.com), and  launched our export office. 

The spare parts business is a long time business. Our quality of the parts and our reputation will keep the business as long as it will be.


Best Regards

Martin Zhang

Export Manager

Tel:86-21-64396259 Fax:86-21-64399737

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