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A Message From: Mr. Abedi Dada

From: abedidada
Subject: A Message From: Mr. Abedi Dada
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:22:56 -0700

From: Mr. Abedi Dada
Tel:  +447708175608
Fax:  +448701209437
Email: address@hidden
Dear Sir,
My name is Abedi Dada, from Sudan, I just arrived London Last month, thanks to 
the United Nations refugee arrangement for Sudan. My brother is one of the 
Rebel Leaders fighting war in Sudan. He just died in action last week. I got 
your name from an aid worker in Derfur region of Sudan.
By July last year he was in London to deposit parcel containing $850,000 cash. 
He took the small amount out of the money meant for the procurement of 
ammunition for the on going war in Darfur region in Sudan.
I am here now with the document with which he deposited the parcel with the 
company, I have called the company and they confirmed that the parcel is with 
them but I have no means to secure the release. I need your assistance, if you 
help me, I will give you 20% of the money.

If you doubt me, I can send you the documents to confirm with the security 
company agent before arriving London for the claims. Alternatively, if you 
don’t want to come to London, you can arrange for the parcel to be sent to you 
by DHL but I will prefer your coming to London so that we meet face-to-face and 
go to the agent to clam the consignment. Any how the choice is yours.
Abedi Dada

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