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StellarSt0ck GTVCF-OB_Market Standout beggarly

From: temple Caskey
Subject: StellarSt0ck GTVCF-OB_Market Standout beggarly
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 18:21:16 -0600


* Wallstreet Insider Alert Newsletter *

Information you can Trust and Profit from. Our
extensive research shows GTVCF is on the move
with big gains expected on Monday. They will be
having a big promotion promotion going all
weekend for there new press release with
big gains expected monday. So don't miss it
get in as soon as possible to profit.

Company:Globetech Ventures
Industry:Gold/Molybendum Mining
Current Price:$0.32
52Wk High:$1.73
Market Cap:4.34M
Estimated 3months-target:1.00
Estimated 6months-target:2.50
Analysis:Industry Outperform

Brief Profile:

Globetech Ventures Corp. is a global mining company
engaged in acquiring and developing mineral properties
and, if warranted, the processing of related mineral
resources. Company owns through its Brazilian
subsidiary title to 197,000 acres (80,000 hectars ) of
mineral rights in Brazil’s gold and other mineral rich
Vila Nova greenstone Belt. This month company acquired
100% interest in a molybendum (metallic element used
principally as an alloying agent in steel, cast iron,
and superalloys) rich property in British Colombia. 

Gold Mining Potential:     

The Vila Nova greenstone belt forms part of a stable
Precambrian Guinan Shield rock formation, which in the
adjacent countries of Venezuela, French Guiana and
Guyana, hosts world class gold deposits. The Omai gold
deposit in Guyana, has a reserve of approximately 4.2
million ounces of gold. The Guinan shield has
historically produced large amounts of gold, some 4.8
million ounces having been mined in the 19th century
alone. In the Vila Nova greenstone belt, in similar
rocks to those found in Globetech's claim area, the
Amapari gold deposit lies north of the Corporation's
claim area. The Amapari gold deposit which has a
resource in excess of 2 million ounces of gold, was
recently acquired by Wheaton River Minerals for $105

Strong Buy. Why Now?

The stock is incredibly cheap and it has been off the
radar screen of Canadian mining funds until now. All
indicators point to an expected sharp rise in the
value of this company. There’s been talk of heavy
institutional investments in Globetech. Technically
the stock is near it’s 2 months support line and looks
ready to retest the $1.73 high. Gold has been
declining for nearly three months, but despite the
short term correction gold is still above the 65-week
moving average and is ready to resume it’s strong bull
trend. Increasing gold prices will push Globetech’s
value as well.  In addition to its current operations
the company is pursuing and evaluating potential mineral
properties that can potential double or triple the
company’s value.

Don't Miss Out On This One Big Gains Expected Monday!

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