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A microcap idea for your consideration

From: Cecelia Early
Subject: A microcap idea for your consideration
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 17:51:06 +0500

This email is addressed to members of the Growth Capital Financial Network  We 
believe that some members are sending our confidential emails to other 
investors and this is stealing our services.  If you did not pay to get this 
financial profile we demand that you delete it immediately.

Hello to our members:

We greet you again on the Ides of March with our next investment profile.  As 
the spring flowers begin too pop-up out of the ground we have a stock that we 
feel will begin to bloom into a beautiful stock profit.

DSI Direct Sales Inc.
(Pink Sheets: DSDI)
Outstanding Shares: 110,750,000
Current Price: $0.08
Accumulate to: $0.50
Profit target: $1.00

With the purchase of the new building and equipment DSI has successfully 
positioned itself for substantial growth. Throughout the past year, and 
concurrent with their move, they have been forging relationships with new 
clients in their region, throughout the U.S. and in several international 
markets. DSI's Marketing Department has also been focused on strengthening 
their current client base and explaining the new expanded services they offer. 
The Production Department is in negotiations and acquiring new equipment 
including enhanced large format devices to be installed by the end of Q2 and 
variable data digital printing equipment sometime in the near future. With 
their current production
capability and with a new sales and training program to be implemented in Q1, 
we envision over a 30% increase in sales in fiscal 2005. Once the new equipment 
is online management believes sales will increase over 70% in fiscal year 2006.

The Keys to success for DSI are:

Anticipate client's needs.
Develop value added programs to avoid becoming a commodity to our customers.
Stay in front of the curve on equipment investments to maintain industry 
Carefully plan ROI on all capital expenditures.
Listen to our customers and translate technology into a solution.
Cultivate more profitable relationships and issue credit carefully.

The new and emerging technology of large format imaging, while a natural fit 
for DSI, has not been embraced by the majority of our competitors. This is 
probably because the implementation is fairly complex and a company must have 
electronic prepress strength to do so. This service is very lucrative and 
creates sales opportunity that often leads to printing projects for DSI.

Information Management, AKA "The Vault", has been a tremendous tool DSI puts in 
the hands of its clients as well as being a great image enhancer as to their 
understanding of the Internet and how to leverage it on behalf of the customer. 
This application is utilized by companies that have either many digital assets 
or many people in many places that need to have access to them. By organizing 
company's digital files into user friendly data bases which can be accessed 
over the Internet, DSI builds a very strong bond with the client that uses it. 
To date many of DSI's competitors have neglected to implement such a system.

We at Growth Capital are very excited about this ground breaking opportunity to 
invest in a well established company in a well established industry.  What 
makes it even more attractive is that the price of DSDI is at a current low.  
Buy Low, Sell High, that is what we do here at Capital Growth and we will be 
big buyers of this stock over the next week. We suggest you buy some now before 
the price gets too high ($.50).  We will keep you updated as to our position in 

We hope that you have enjoyed this installment of the Growth Capital Newsletter 
and look for our next hot issue.

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