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Bug in bash 3.00.16 ?

From: devzero
Subject: Bug in bash 3.00.16 ?
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 23:54:59 +0200

Hello !
For some time now, I had a problem which I thought oracle was the reason for.

Now I found, that it seems to be a Bash problem.

I'm using   GNU bash, version 3.00.16(1)-release (i586-suse-linux) on SuSE 9.3

This is the "buggy behaviour":

Whenever I "su - oracle" into the oracle account, the .profile executes a tiny 
oracle helper script "oraenv" to determine/set the oracle environment.
After logging in and choosing the Database SID, whenever I use tab-completion 
"as usual" (cd /long[tab]directory[tab]path) - the current bash i'm "in" dumps 
core and the terminal is messed up. I need to issue a reset inside the terminal 
and find myself back at the root prompt.

I tracked this "problem" down to a line in /etc/profile.d/complete.bash

function _cd_ ()

--removed some lines-

# Replace spaces in path names with `\ '
for x in address@hidden ; do
C=(address@hidden ${x// /\\ })

test $g -eq 0 && shopt -u extglob

If i comment out "COMPREPLY=(address@hidden)" and login again, the problem goes 

I didn't have time, what part of oraenv script triggers this bug and I don`t 
know, if I should blame oracle, SuSE folks or bash developers, but I think I 
get a competent answer here and some advice, what's going wrong here.

For me, this looks like a bug in bash or probably "not so well handled" bash 
configuration in complete.bash - normally I see oracle being blamed for 
problems :D

Could someone give a comment about this or give an advice, what to do next to 
resolve this bug? (commenting out that line is just a "woraround")

Roland K.

please also reply directly to my email address.

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