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Re: check for strtoimax fails if strtoimax is a macro.

From: Steve Ellcey
Subject: Re: check for strtoimax fails if strtoimax is a macro.
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 08:40:17 -0700 (PDT)

> > Fix:
> >     The fix would seem to be to improve the bash configure script to
> >     take into account the fact that strtoimax might be a macro.
> Perhaps.  But developing those configure tests and getting them right
> for all platforms will be tricky while the system fix is very simple.
> And fixing the inttypes.h file fixes all callers of it.
> By the way...  Do you really need a 64-bit /bin/bash?  Your scripts
> and command lines must be much larger than mine.  :-)
> Bob

I have a modified inttypes.h file in place for the known inttypes.h
problem and I certainly understand the problems involved in getting
things to build on multiple platforms but I still think there is a
seperate bug here that should be fixed.  On HP-UX where strtoimax (and
strtoumax) are macros, the strtoimax.c file winds up defining a function
called __strtoll or __strtol instead of strtoimax because of the defines
of strtoimax in the HP-UX header file.  I think this is wrong.  Isn't
the purpose of strtoimax.c to define a strtoimax function?

I don't have to have a 64 bit bash for general use but I am trying to
set up some testing and processes based on building various opensource
prodects with various GCC compilers and I ran into this problem while
trying to build bash with a 64 bit HPPA HP-UX GCC compiler.  I also ran
into the inttypes.h problem, but as you say, that is not a product bug
but an HP-UX bug.

Steve Ellcey

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