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Change of the Makefile

From: Michael Song
Subject: Change of the Makefile
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 06:44:41 -0700

Hello, Shell Community

My name is Michael Song

Recently I found shell is a nice program that can be extended to solve my 
automatic regression test problem. So I started hacking it.
I found it would be easiler use $(wildcard) in the builtins/Makefile.in, in 
stead of staticly specify all the source files:

Here is the snippet of code change to illustrate my idea:

In builtins/Makefile.in

Original Definition:
DEFSRC =  $(srcdir)/alias.def $(srcdir)/bind.def $(srcdir)/break.def \
          $(srcdir)/builtin.def $(srcdir)/caller.def \
          $(srcdir)/cd.def $(srcdir)/colon.def \
          $(srcdir)/command.def $(srcdir)/declare.def $(srcdir)/echo.def \
          $(srcdir)/enable.def $(srcdir)/eval.def $(srcdir)/getopts.def \
          $(srcdir)/exec.def $(srcdir)/exit.def $(srcdir)/fc.def \
          $(srcdir)/fg_bg.def $(srcdir)/hash.def $(srcdir)/help.def \
          $(srcdir)/history.def $(srcdir)/jobs.def $(srcdir)/kill.def \
          $(srcdir)/let.def $(srcdir)/read.def $(srcdir)/return.def \
          $(srcdir)/set.def $(srcdir)/setattr.def $(srcdir)/shift.def \
          $(srcdir)/source.def $(srcdir)/suspend.def $(srcdir)/test.def \
          $(srcdir)/times.def $(srcdir)/trap.def $(srcdir)/type.def \
          $(srcdir)/ulimit.def $(srcdir)/umask.def $(srcdir)/wait.def \
          $(srcdir)/pushd.def $(srcdir)/shopt.def \
          $(srcdir)/printf.def $(srcdir)/complete.def

Proposed Definition:
DEFSRC   = $(wildcard $(srcdir)/*.def)

        $(RM) -rf $(patsubst %.def, %.c, $(DEFSRC)) $(CREATED_FILES) 
$(MKBUILTINS) *.o libbuiltins.a -r helpfiles

This wild card works based on the assumption that the reserved.def file is 
renamed to something else

 In the Makefile.in under the root, the change is as follows:

Original Definition:
BUILTIN_DEFS = $(DEFSRC)/alias.def $(DEFSRC)/bind.def $(DEFSRC)/break.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/builtin.def $(DEFSRC)/cd.def $(DEFSRC)/colon.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/command.def ${DEFSRC}/complete.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/caller.def $(DEFSRC)/declare.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/echo.def $(DEFSRC)/enable.def $(DEFSRC)/eval.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/exec.def $(DEFSRC)/exit.def $(DEFSRC)/fc.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/fg_bg.def $(DEFSRC)/hash.def $(DEFSRC)/help.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/history.def $(DEFSRC)/jobs.def $(DEFSRC)/kill.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/let.def $(DEFSRC)/read.def $(DEFSRC)/return.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/set.def $(DEFSRC)/setattr.def $(DEFSRC)/shift.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/source.def $(DEFSRC)/suspend.def $(DEFSRC)/test.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/times.def $(DEFSRC)/trap.def $(DEFSRC)/type.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/ulimit.def $(DEFSRC)/umask.def $(DEFSRC)/wait.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/getopts.def \
               $(DEFSRC)/pushd.def $(DEFSRC)/shopt.def $(DEFSRC)/printf.def

New Definition:
BUILTIN_DEFS   = $(wildcard $(DEFSRC)/*.def)
OFILES  = builtins.o $(patsubst %.def, %.o, $(DEFSRC))  $(patsubst %.c, %.o, 

Michael Song

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