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Two problems: one in documentation, one philosophical

From: Matt Stewart
Subject: Two problems: one in documentation, one philosophical
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 23:07:57 -0500

The first bug is in the bash(1) man page.  In the SHELL GRAMMAR ->
Compound Commands -> [[ expression ]] section: "The  return  value  is
 0  if the string matches or does not match the pattern, respectively,
and 1 otherwise."  This sentence is unclear.  It is likely that
"respectively" maps "matches" and "does not match" to the operators ==
and !=, repectively.  This should be better expressed in the man page.

The second bug is that {x..y} only makes sense if both x and y are
{numbers,lower-case letters,upper-case letters}.  {a..A} should be
invalid and resolve to {a..A}, but instead it sequences backwards: "a
_ ^ ]   [ Z Y ... A".  This is allowed, I am supposing, by a
simplistic typing mechanism, in which there are just two  types:
numbers and letters.  However this is too simplistic and should be

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