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Selinux bash prompt decorations

From: Ivan Gyurdiev
Subject: Selinux bash prompt decorations
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 15:19:57 -0400
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[ I'm sorry if this is a dupe, was previously not subscribed ].

Redhat would like to add more decoration options to the bash prompt.
We want to make the 4 SELinux fields available on the prompt:

- current SELinux user
- current SELinux role
- current SELinux type
- current MLS clearance

This would require dependency on libselinux, libsetrans, and libsepol - the 3 main selinux libraries.
[ of course integration would be optional ].

We would like this functionality to be available upstream, rather than maintaining our own patch. Are there any objections to this plan? Can you suggest prompt escapes to use for the 4 new fields? Are 2-letter escapes acceptable? We can use /zu, /zr, /zt, /zm, since the letter z is already used elsewhere for selinux-related things.

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