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Re: paste-from-clipboard dosen't works on Cygwin platform

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: paste-from-clipboard dosen't works on Cygwin platform
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 19:04:06 +0000

> Repeat-By:
>   I have a following line in the my .inputrc file:
> "\C-v": paste-from-clipboard
>   After Bash has started the key is unbound:
> $ bind -p | grep -i clip
> # paste-from-clipboard (not bound)
>   After "\C-x\C-r" keyboard sequence (re-read-init-file)
> it is bind the key to the function but only till  next <RETURN> will
> typed. After any command or empty
> <RETURN> it is come to be unbound.
> Fix:

This is expected behavior, and has been discussed on this list before.
By default, terminals use Ctrl-V as the quoting character (see 'stty -a'
and 'stty --help').  Readline 5.1 (and thus bash 3.1) added a new
feature, bind-tty-special-characters, defaulted to on, which overrides
key bindings in ~/.inputrc with those specified by the terminal.  The
solution, then, is to either turn this readline feature off (add
"set bind-tty-special-characters off" to ~/.inputrc), or to tell your
terminal to not bind Ctrl-V (add "stty lnext undef" to your ~/.bash_profile).
If you like emacs bindings, where Ctrl-Q is the quoting character
instead of Ctrl-V, you could do "stty lnext ^Q stop undef" instead.

Eric Blake

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