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Re: bug of readline's vi keybinding function

From: Linsong
Subject: Re: bug of readline's vi keybinding function
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 13:41:58 +0800
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Chet Ramey wrote:

Recently, I want to add some keybindings for vi mode's vi-insert submode, I add the following lines into ~/.inputrc file:
    set editing-mode vi
    set keymap vi-insert
    "\C-A" :  beginning-of-line
    "\C-B" :  backward-char
    "\C-F" :  forward-char
    "\C-E" :  end-of-line
    ... ...

In fact, I put almost all the emacs key bindings into vi-insert submode, since the default key bingdings of readline for vi-insert submode is too weak. By this way, I want to get the benefits from the two world. But it does not work, I have searched the web, but it is very difficult to find useful resource about vi mode in readline.

It works fine when I try it.  How exactly does it `not work'?


Olaf found the reason for this: there are some space between ":", after I remove the space, it works. Sorry, it is not a bug. But I suggest improving the document about vi key binding, now I can not get enough information from the docs. To avoid others like me to make the same "mistake", please imrove it :)

Best regards,

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