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Re: Help!

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Help!
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 02:44:38 -0600
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Miguel Luis wrote:
> - I'm Using Ubuntu Dapper Drake.

I don't believe that Ubuntu has released Dapper Drake yet.  Therefore
what you have must be a release candidate for Dapper Drake.

> address@hidden:~/Desktop$
> - I just ran my cesar's program like this:
> address@hidden:~/Desktop$ echo "Hello World\n" | ./cesar 4
> - and then my bash was:
> address@hidden:·/D␊⎽┐├⎺⎻$

What you are seeing is almost certainly terminal issues due to the
sending of binary data to it from the output of your program.
Terminals often do not react well to having random binary data thrown
at them.  This is not a bash issue but one of understanding your

Terminals interpret escape sequences and act upon them to select
alternate character sets and things like that.  It looks to me like
you have turned on an alternate character set.  Try resetting the
terminal to restore it to normal use.  In xterm this can be done on
the fly with control-middlebutton "Do Full Reset".  Other terminals
probably have something similar.  Or you might try typing in blind
"reset" and if available it should also reset the terminal.


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