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Re: tail after tab completion in prompt

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: tail after tab completion in prompt
Date: Sun, 07 May 2006 00:04:44 +0000

> I don't understand the problem specification.
> I tried duplicating the problem in 4 different terms:
> SecureCRT->a linux box, then in three cygwin variations:
> the Win-cmd style "terminal", rxvt (non-X version), and
> rxvt (X-version).  They all appeared to look the same.
> What is meant by typing "ls /usr/src" twice?

The original poster was describing typing "ls /usr/src<TAB><TAB>",
at which point the prompt display is botched (in this particular case,
it is botched because the display shows '/usr/src/usr/src', although
hitting <ENTER> correctly lists /usr/src, as typed).  But Chet may have
found the root cause his purported patch,
I just wish it were available to the public, back-ported to 3.1,
so that I could confirm that it indeed fixes the bug, rather than waiting
for the eventual bash 3.2 to come out.

> > Please let me describe the issue for you:
> > After set the PS1 in .bashrc to :
> > - ---8<--------------------------------------------->8---
> > PS1="\[\e]2;\w  --  address@hidden@\H  hangsps:\j    \d
> > \t\a\]\[\e[31;1m\][\[\e[36;address@hidden
> > \[\e[33;1m\]\W\[\e[31;1m\]]\[\e[34;1m\]\[\e[32;1m\]\$ \[\e[37;1m\]"
> > - ---8<--------------------------------------------->8---
> >
> > If type "ls /usr/src" twice, it will show "ls /usr/src/usr/src".
> >

Eric Blake

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