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bashdb suggestions, -: & -d

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: bashdb suggestions, -: & -d
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 18:51:44 -0700
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Just started trying bashdb and noticed in the manpage that invocation
with "bash --debugger" has option conflict problems.  If it was important
to eliminate those, there could be a special switch to indicate end of
options similar to "--", meaning to pass the rest of the arguments to
a program.  Maybe something unusual like "-:" (dash-colon)?  Would
just be ignored in "bash".

No big deal, just an idea if one _wanted_ to provide full switch support.

One switch I wouldn't mind seeing in bash though -- "bash -d" as a
shorthand for the debugger.  Yes, there are other --d<based-switches>, but
I've seen "-d" used in other interpreters (&*cough*_perl%$*) to
invoke a debugging feature.

Just some user-convenience ideas...(I'd likely use the "-d" more than
the "-:".


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