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terminating lines with accidental eof (was: [50 character or so descript

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: terminating lines with accidental eof (was: [50 character or so descriptive subject here (for reference)])
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 23:48:40 -0600
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Martin Wheatley wrote:
> Description:
>       Bash may inadvertently execute a command that the user did not
> anticipate if STDIN is closed.

The shell reads data from the input.  It then parses the input into
commands and executes them.  If this is not what you want then you
must avoid closing the input stream with a valid command in the

>       Unfortunately I can't construct a test case that doesn't need
>       our local s/ware.

Then that will make it difficult to understand your problem.

>       But the problem is ...
>       When bash reads input (in interactive mode) if it gets EOF it
> then executes any partial command that is in the input buffer - even
> though <CR> has not been entered by the user

Can you construct an example where a bash user can interactively
create eof without making such an action intentional?  Can this happen
accidentally?  I can only think of very difficult ways to do this and
so they would not happen accidentally.

> Fix:
>       Incomplete commands should not be executed - they can have disasterous
>       results.

One person's incomplete command is another person's completed command.

Can you provide an example where a bash user could accidentally
interactively terminate the input stream?  Is there an example of
another command shell which handles this situation in a different and
possibly better way?

I think this issue is just like others.

  ls *~<ENTER>
  rm *<ENTER>

The truly paranoid form dangerous commands with a # first and then
delete the comment character after the command is fully formed.


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