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Problems with bash+cygwin and longjmp

From: Pavel Ivanoff
Subject: Problems with bash+cygwin and longjmp
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 10:50:00 +0400


We have a very strange and non-repeatable bug in bash came with the last
version of cygwin. It appears during execution of a set of long-play
scripts. These scripts do a lot of work and their normal execution time
is 20-40 hours. Sometimes after 20 or more hours of work bash exits as
it was killed with signal 9. I.e. it exits in the middle of the scripts
without saying any word to stdout or stderr. At other times it exits
with printing stack frame or some other info and the error description.
Error description is similar to "C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (4588): *** WFSO
timed out after longjmp", i.e. this message is different from time to
time but when it's printed it always has some mentioning of longjmp. I
can conclude from this that there's some wrong using of longjmp in the
bash source code...
This bug is not stable, so there's a lot of times when scripts finished
it's work successfully. But as this failure appears and as there were
periods when it happened often, we want to correct this behaviour very
much. BTW: the same scripts work in Linux bash and they had never failed
there in such way.

Can you tell us something about this strange behaviour and give some
advice about healing it?

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