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Re: 1 error detected in the compilation of "y.tab.c"

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: 1 error detected in the compilation of "y.tab.c"
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 10:25:42 -0400
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Norio Ishizaki wrote:

> "/usr/src/local/chet/src/bash/src/parse.y", line 4891: error #2020:
> identifier
>          "mbrlen" is undefined
>        mbclen = mbrlen (shell_input_line + previ, i - previ + 1, &mbs);

I would be interested in knowing why configure thinks HP-UX 11.x supplies
multibyte support when it apparently does not.  Look in config.status and
config.log for clues.

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