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Re: comint: long lines truncated

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: comint: long lines truncated
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 22:29:18 -0400
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Ilya N. Golubev wrote:
> `comint.el' versions since revision 1.14 of 2006/05/25 02:49:47 -0
> unconditionally add `TERM=dumb' to environment of all processes they
> start.  Programs using readline, including bash 3.1 with their bundled
> readline libraries, with this setting incorrectly truncate long input
> lines.  This may be reproduced with inserting long enough command in
> comint mode buffer and calling `comint-send-input'.  For `echo' with
> single argument, string of 256 `.'s as arg bash process outputs part
> of them, and for the rest of them outputs
> bash: ................: command not found

I cannot reproduce this pasting a long command line such as the above
into bash running in xterm or MacOS X terminal.  I don't use emacs (or
xemacs), and can't reproduce it that way.

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