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RE: How to suppress "Terminated..." message after kill

From: Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3
Subject: RE: How to suppress "Terminated..." message after kill
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:17:45 +0200

> Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 wrote:
> >   .... (PID) Terminated          tail -f file >outfile
> > Is there a way to suppress this message? (bash 2.05b)
> Use:
>   set +m
> Why is monitor set for your script?  That would only be typical for
> interactive shells but not typical for scripts. 

Good point, but I'm pretty sure that this is not related to monitor.
Look at the following script (which I named monitest.sh):

#!/usr/local/bin/bash --norc
echo $-
set +m
touch foo
tail -f foo >bar &
sleep 1
kill $pid
sleep 1
echo finish

When I execute it, I get the following output:

monitest.sh: line 9:  3486 Terminated    tail -f foo >bar

>From this we can see:

(1) Monitor was not set
(2) Even if it had been set, +m would have turned it off
(3) Still, the Terminated message is printed.

Strange, isn't it?

Someone out there using bash 2.05, who could try the above
script and see whether the same result appears?

Ronald Fischer (phone +49-89-63676431)

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