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Re: ...Limitation?

From: mwoehlke
Subject: Re: ...Limitation?
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:00:12 -0500
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Paul Jarc wrote:
mwoehlke <address@hidden> wrote:
I am trying to figure out how to run a command and pipe the output through tee, and then check the status of the original command.

This uses a bash-specific feature:
cmd > >(tee file); status=$?

Thanks Paul and Stephen for the replies. I am using bash, so the above solution is fine, and is working.

This should work on any sh:
exec 3>&1 && status=`exec 4>&1 && { cmd; echo $? >&4; } | tee file >&3`

Or, if you don't want to clobber any descriptors, in case they might
be in use for something else:
: > file &&
{ tail -f file & } &&
pid=$! &&
{ cmd > file; status=$?; } &&
sleep 1 && # give tail a chance to print the last bits that were just written
kill "$pid"

Download. Untar. Configure. Make. Install. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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