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Re: logout from interactive subshell

From: Mike Stroyan
Subject: Re: logout from interactive subshell
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 14:15:51 -0600

Very often I do the following pattern:

   (1) rlogin to a foreign host
   (2) Invoke a subshell (for example because I'm setting a Clearcase
   (3) Logout from the host

Step (3) needs two steps: First I have to type 'exit' to leave the
and then either 'exit' or 'logout' to leave the login shell.

Is it possible to automate this in such a way that I have to type only
one command, to leave all subshells (in this case, only 1, but in
general, I might be several subshells deep) AND then logout?

 This shouldn't be a shell question at all.  It is an rlogin question.
Type ~. to make rlogin to close the connection.  The shells will
all exit in response to that.  (And you can do the same with ssh,
which you should be using instead of rlogin.)

Mike Stroyan

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