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More Parser Errors in 3.2

From: Jim Gifford
Subject: More Parser Errors in 3.2
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 07:56:26 -0700
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Been trying to compile swig with the current bash 3.2 have ran into several issues that I have been able to fix except for this one.

checking whether Guile's SCM_ API works... no
./configure: line 10204: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./configure: line 10204: `s,^[ ]*#[ ]*define[ ][ ]*\([^ (][^ (]*\)\(([^)]*)\)[ ]*\(.*\)$,${ac_dA}\1${ac_dB}\1\2${ac_dC}\3${ac_dD},gp'

Here's the section from configure

cat >confdef2sed.sed <<\_ACEOF
t clear
: clear
s,^[ ]*#[ ]*define[ ][ ]*\([^ (][^ (]*\)\(([^)]*)\)[ ]*\(.*\)$,${ac_dA}\1${ac_dB}\1\2${ac_dC}\3${ac_dD},gp'
t end
s,^[ ]*#[ ]*define[ ][ ]*\([^ ][^ ]*\)[ ]*\(.*\)$,${ac_dA}\1${ac_dB}\1${ac_dC}\2${ac_dD},gp
: end

Any ideas

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