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Re: Spaces in args, escapes, and command substitution

From: bash
Subject: Re: Spaces in args, escapes, and command substitution
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 10:11:40 +1100

>Oh, for pete's sake.  Take a systematic approach, as Andreas suggested.
>First, arrange for the filenames you want to be delimited by newlines.
>Since this is for your own use, and you can more-or-less guarantee that
>there will never be a newline in a filename, that's sufficient.  Second,
>arrange things so that the shell won't split words on anything but
>newline, your desired delimiter.
>Take a look at the approach in the following example script.  `recho' is
>part of the bash distribution; it's built while running the test suite.
>I used `ls -1' to create a newline-delimited list of filenames.
>$ cat x3
>[ -d scratch ] || mkdir scratch
>cd scratch
>touch 'a b  w' 'c d  x' 'e f  y' 'g h  z'
>recho $(ls -1 *)
>$ ../bash-3.2/bash ./x3
>argv[1] = <a b  w>
>argv[2] = <c d  x>
>argv[3] = <e f  y>
>argv[4] = <g h  z>

Easier is just:

    ls -1 *

Why not give an example which effectively does "vi `grep -l PATTERN *`"?
Your example isn't of any use.

There isn't any problem with passing spaces in args except when
backticks or $() are involved.


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