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gettextizing a few skipped messages [patch]

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: gettextizing a few skipped messages [patch]
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 23:06:32 +0100
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While translating bash's messages, I noticed that some messages 
haven't been gettextized.  Attached patch fixes these -- just the 
ones I happened to notice, I haven't done a full inspection.

The first patch also fixes a typo, and changes a trailing space to 
a leading one (preferred by translators).

On the other hand, it looks like all of the message strings in 
lib/malloc/watch.c are debugging messages, which will never be seen 
by a normal user, and therefore do not need to be gettextized at 

In many short doc strings the case of the parameters in the first 
line does not match the case in the rest of the explanation.  The 
second patch fixes this for some strings.  I can make a patch that 
fixes them all, if you agree that this is the right thing to do.

Much better than just that would be: if also the first line of the 
short doc string were gettextized (like they used to be in older 
versions of bash), so that in the explanation one doesn't have to 
use English words for the parameters but can translate also these 
to the target language.

The second patch also fixes the style (third person) and casing in  
some of the explanations, and tries to improve two others.

Please consider releasing another version of bash in a month or so, 
with the above fixes, but mainly with the superfluous "N_(...)" 
lines removed from caller.def and pushd.def.  Those had me puzzled 
for a day why my translation of them wasn't working.  And anyway, 
translators get discouraged just seeing such chopped up sentences.


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