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Re: Hidden files feature request

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: Hidden files feature request
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 17:47:40 -0600
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Uno Engborg wrote:
In Gnome, MacOS-X, and in Kubuntu KDE, you can make a file hidden from
the desktop environment by listing it in a file called .hidden.
The .hidden file resides in the same directory as the files to be
hidden, and lists the files to be hidden as one file/line.

Files hidden by being listed in .hidden should behave like any other
dot file. E.g. they should be listed with ls -a

It would be nice if the bash shell used the same extended mechanism for
creating hidden files. Honoring the .hidden mechanism would allow for a
more consitent user experiece for peoople switching back and forth
between GUI and CLI environments.

To fill in some context here for everyone not following kde-usability:
There is a discussion (http://lists.kde.org/?t=116393381600002) about localizing and/or hiding the ~/Desktop folder. Why we would want to do this in the shell (in light of the 'power user' comments) I do not know. In fact, I have no idea why you would want .hidden to be obeyed for CLI (vs GUI) purposes.

Anyway, Uno, if you are talking about 'ls', your comments are properly addressed to the coreutils lists, bug-coreutils AT gnu DOT org. And I will be very surprised if they are willing to entertain such an idea. Doing it in the GUI is one thing. Doing it in the CLI world is another matter entirely, since you must obey POSIX, and I would guess that such behavior would violate POSIX and cause all sorts of problems besides.

This message will self destruct in five millennia.

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